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We're passionate about offering sound, jargon-free advice. So we've created a resource hub with tips and tricks to help you on your home buying and owning journey. From seasonal maintenance guides to advice on what to look for when buying a property, we've got advice you can depend on.

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Advice from QSPlus

Unlocking Peace of Mind: The Invaluable Importance of a Building Report

In the realm of real estate, where transactions involving large investments and dreams of homeownership converge, the value of knowledge cannot be overstated. Among the arsenal of information thatRead more

Maintenance Reports: Your Guide to Proactive Home Maintenance

Maintaining a home is an ongoing responsibility that helps preserve its value, prevent costly repairs, and ensure a safe living environment. To stay on top of maintenance tasks and keep your home inRead more

DIY vs. Professional House Inspections: Pros and Cons

House inspections are a critical step in the home buying or selling process. They provide valuable insights into the condition of a property and help identify potential issues that may requireRead more

House Maintenance Tips from a Building Inspector

As a building inspector with years of experience, Paul at QSPlus has seen the importance of regular house maintenance to ensure the safety, longevity, and functionality of your home. Here are someRead more

Getting it right the first time

When it comes to building projects, accurate estimation of quantities is a critical component of the planning process. A quantity estimator is a tool that can help you accurately determine the amountRead more

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip A Home Inspection

After your offer to buy a home enters into contract, the process of near-endless check writing begins. There are many necessary costs, such as realtor and lawyer fees, and the total of these expensesRead more

What is a LIM Report?

If you’re thinking of buying a house without getting a LIM report, you might want to reconsider your game plan. The short-term gain on your wallet could lead to long-term pain! It pays to learn allRead more

A Guide to Ventilation

Good ventilation in your home is not only important, it's now a legal requirement (if you rent). With good ventilation, your home will be healthier, drier, and a much nicer place to live. What isRead more

Five improvements that don’t add resale value to a home

Boosting a property’s worth with home improvement work is the Kiwi dream, but there are some renovation jobs that do not add resale value, experts say. In recent years homeowners unable to travel hRead more

When is a crack in the house a problem?

Most homeowners will spot a crack or two (or more) in their house at some time, even those who don't live in an earthquake zone. But when is a crack something minor or a problem that needs to beRead more

What's involved in a pre-purchase home assessment?

It's a common requirement from banks to have a pre-purchase home assessment done on a property you're looking to purchase. We've put together this infographic to help explain what our homeRead more

Our New Helping Hands | Deserving Causes!

The Waikato Family Centre was a big one for us - as a small, family business, supporting those who support our local families was important!  The Waikato Family Centre is here for you and your baby.Read more

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