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DIY vs. Professional House Inspections: Pros and Cons

House inspections are a critical step in the home buying or selling process. They provide valuable insights into the condition of a property and help identify potential issues that may require attention. When it comes to house inspections, homeowners often face the choice between conducting a DIY inspection or hiring a professional inspector. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of DIY and professional house inspections to help you make an informed decision.

DIY House Inspections


  • Cost Savings: Conducting a DIY house inspection can save you money since you won't have to hire a professional inspector. This can be appealing, especially for budget-conscious homeowners.

  • Flexibility: DIY inspections allow you to inspect the property at your convenience and spend as much time as you need to thoroughly examine each area.

  • Familiarity with the property: As a homeowner, you may already have some knowledge about the property's history, previous repairs, and maintenance. This familiarity can help you focus on specific areas of concern during the inspection.


  • Limited Expertise: Unless you have a background in construction or home inspection, you may lack the knowledge and experience to identify potential issues accurately. Professional inspectors undergo extensive training and have a deeper understanding of building systems and potential problems.

  • Lack of Specialised Tools: Professional inspectors utilise specialised tools and equipment to detect hidden issues and measure various aspects of the property accurately. As a DIY inspector, you may not have access to these tools, limiting the thoroughness of your inspection.

  • Emotional Attachment: Homeowners may have an emotional attachment to their property, which can cloud their judgement during a DIY inspection. Emotions may influence the perception of potential issues, leading to biased assessments.

Professional House Inspections


  • Expertise and Experience: Professional house inspectors have the knowledge, training, and experience to identify potential issues that may go unnoticed by an untrained eye. They understand building systems, local regulations, and common problems associated with properties.

  • Thoroughness: Professional inspectors follow comprehensive protocols to ensure a thorough examination of the property. They have a systematic approach and are trained to identify hidden issues that DIY inspections may overlook.

  • Objective Assessment: Professional inspectors provide an unbiased evaluation of the property's condition. They are not emotionally attached and can objectively report on any issues or concerns.

  • Specialised Tools and Equipment: Professional inspectors have access to specialised tools, such as moisture metres, which help them detect hidden problems that DIY inspections may miss.


  • Cost: Hiring a professional inspector comes with a cost, which can vary depending on the size and complexity of the property. However, the investment is often worth it considering the potential savings in repair costs and the peace of mind it provides.

  • Scheduling Constraints: Professional inspections need to be scheduled in advance, which may not always align with your preferred timeline. However, most inspectors strive to accommodate their clients' schedules to the best of their ability.

Both DIY and professional house inspections have their pros and cons. While DIY inspections may offer cost savings and flexibility, they lack the expertise, experience, and specialised tools that professional inspectors bring to the table. Professional inspections provide a comprehensive assessment of the property, helping you make informed decisions during the buying or selling process.

If you choose to conduct a DIY inspection, it's crucial to educate yourself about common issues, follow a checklist, and consider consulting with professionals for specific concerns. However, for a more accurate and thorough evaluation, hiring a professional house inspector is highly recommended. Their expertise and objective assessment can provide peace of mind, ensuring that any potential issues are identified, and allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the property. Get in touch with the QSPlus team if you're after more information!


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