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Building Report / Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Buying a new home can be an exciting time, but without the right checks it can quickly turn stressful.

A QSPlus Pre-Purchase Home Inspection (Building Report) gives you peace of mind that the property you are interested in is sound and lets you know what may need fixing with an in-depth visual inspection and report of your property from the foundation to the roof, including:

  • Under the floor area including foundations, framing, insulation and ground moisture

  • The roof (exterior and interior space) and roofing materials

  • Interior/exterior of the property including cladding, windows, floors, and ceilings

  • Other structures on the site, like the garages, retaining walls, and the driveway

  • Specific conditions of the site itself, such as the soil drainage

QSPlus Building Reports are non-destructive, and use instruments such as moisture meters and scopes to ensure the important information is included in your report.

Reports start from $499 inc GST

QSPlus are here with advice you can depend on


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