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Our Helping Hands | Deserving Causes initiative is spreading!​

We’re excited to see word spreading of our Helping Hands | Deserving Causes initiative! The Te Awamutu Courier has recently published an article about how QSPlus is helping our local community, so have a read of page 6!

QSPlus are proud to introduce our Helping Hands | Deserving Causes initiative. As a small, local business we believe it’s important to give back to our community and those in need. So, we commit 2% of the company’s gross income to deserving causes. This means a portion of the cost of your report goes directly to a deserving cause. 

It's Up To You!

We love to give locally and include the community as much as we can, and so this Spring we're putting the cause selection in our community's hands! That means it's up to you to choose who you want to see supported. Have a deserving local branch or group that deserves a helping hand? Let us know!

Have check out more about our Helping Hands | Deserving Causes initiative here  >


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