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Doing it yourself? Tips from a Building Assessor on renovating your own home for resale value.

Trust us, we've been in your boat. We, too, have experienced the rollercoaster world of DIY renovations. And now that we're on the other side, we're here to give you a few tips on what a home assessor looks for when it comes to selling your home.


Be aware here. Yes - we've been pushing a lot of content relating to consents. Councils have relaxed their rules, which means you can save time and money getting stuck into that new front deck or carport, but you need to be aware of the rules around it. Most jobs still need to follow council guidelines and be signed off by a qualified engineer. Check out our latest post on the rules around consents as it outlines all the things you need to know it comes to doing those home renovations and building to code. If you're confused, get in touch with us - we know stuff.


While Home Assessors don't value a property, we do look at the structure of your home. This includes insulation, cladding, electronics, plumbing and more. We don't look at how well you've painted your walls, but we do look at the wall underneath the paint. If you've painted over exterior cladding that is in a poor condition for a quick flip, a home assessor will pick this up and this will create more work for you down the track. Ensuring you do things right the first time will save you time and money. That's where we point out not to skimp on the important things.

Important things not to skimp on

Depending on your renovations and the value you're wanting from your home, we understand that over-capitalising a property is a real threat. Everyone wants the most bang for their buck, and so ensuring you do things right, without going into debt, is why we're here to help. Don't skimp on the important things - spend a little more money getting quality decking and a builder to build it right the first time, but don't buy the most expensive tap-ware if you are planning to sell your first home in a few years. Other important things not to skimp on include getting a registered electrician and plumber if you need to wire or plumb appliances, plugs or switches, and make sure you're getting advice from someone like QSPlus when it comes to retaining and supporting walls. Not only do we do home assessments, we also give honest advice on which steps you need to take, and who you can go to if you need a registered tradesman.

Get in touch if you're after honest, jargon free advice! We're here to help.


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