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Introducing the QSPlus Helping Hands | Deserving Causes Initiative

QSPlus are proud to introduce our Helping Hands | Deserving Causes initiative. 

As a small, local business we believe it’s important to give back to our community and those in need. So, we commit 2% of the company’s gross income to deserving causes. This means a portion of the cost of your report goes directly to a deserving cause. We love to give locally where we can too, so if you know of a local branch or group that deserves a helping hand, let us know!

Here’s how it works. Payment of a QSPlus invoice earns you virtual tokens. You choose between three deserving causes that will be listed in the email accompanying your invoice. Respond to that email with your choices and QSPlus will do the rest.

The three deserving causes will change every three months and you will get the chance to suggest a cause you think deserves a helping hand. Every little bit helps, and with your support our Helping Hands | Deserving Causes initiative can help make a difference where you want it.

More About QSPlus
We are a small, independent, family-run business, located in Te Awamutu, Waikato. I have over 30 years in the building industry and a strong background in quoting solutions for building projects and home inspections. QSPlus was founded on a simple observation; people look for reliable independent home inspections and quoting solutions to their building needs and reassurance they are purchasing, or live in, a safe and healthy home.

New Services
QSPlus are now offering a range of new services:

  1. Smoke alarm testing. With daylight savings recently kicking in again, it’s that time of year to check that the smoke alarms in your home are not just working, but that they are the best version you can get for your home.
  2. Vendor reports and maintenance reports. Selling, or even owning, a home can be an exciting time, but without the right checks it can quickly turn stressful. A QSPlus Home Assessment gives you peace of mind that your property is in sound condition, eliminates any surprises, and lets you know what may need fixing before the issues get costly with an in-depth report of your property from the foundation to the roof.
  3. Project Management. QSPlus offers a range of project management services to help both commercial construction providers and homeowners wanting to renovate or extend that are time poor and/or lack the confidence to manage projects themselves, ensuring both efficient completion and quality control of a building project.

How QSPlus Can Help

·       Home Inspections & Building Reports - from $495
·       Vendor Reports - from $495
·       Healthy Homes Reports - from $250
·       Meth Testing - from $239
·       Asbestos Reports - from 225
·       Smoke Alarm Testing - POA
·       Quoting Solutions (Quantity Surveying) - POA
·       Quotes and Estimates
·       Project Management
·       Tradesman Recommendations
·       Quality Control

If there's anything we can do to help you out, or you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Paul on his new phone number - 027 900 4193.


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