Insulation Grants - Are You Eligible?

Updated: Jan 13

A warm, dry home makes a huge difference to your family's health and happiness, especially as the months get colder.

But even though insulation is key to a warm, dry home, it can be an expensive cost to front up. That's why the Government has created the Warmer Kiwi Homes Scheme, allocating a portion of their budget to funding insulation and heating for homeowners who may not be able to otherwise afford it.

The funding comes under the Warmer Kiwi Homes scheme from EECA. Homeowners with community service cards or living in low-income areas are eligible for up to 90% funding towards ceiling and underfloor insulation and up to 90% of the cost of a heat pump or efficient wood or pellet burner for the main living area.

It's a good idea to check your insulation too. While you may think your house is fully insulated, insulating can shrink and require replacing as it becomes ineffective if it is below certain levels.

QSPlus is an independent advisory who can check your insulation and see how efficient it still is. We will advise you on what to do if your insulation does need replacing, recommend the best products for your needs and refer you to the right people to help you take the next steps.

If you are interested in an insulation check to see how if your house is efficiently insulated, get in touch with us.

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