Insulation Benefits

Updated: Jan 13

While you've probably heard about the importance of insulation, you probably didn't know it can expire or require replacing. IONZ says that an un-insulated home uses up to 30% more energy to heat than one with correctly installed insulation. This makes insulation one of the smartest investments you can make in your home.

A well-insulated home has many benefits:

  • It will help you keep the desired temperature in your house all year round, protecting it against cold in winter and excess heat in summer.

  • It is useful to reduce noise pollution.

  • A well-insulated house is very energy efficient and will need very little additional heating and cooling.

  • Improved health for you and your family.

  • A warmer, drier home.

If you're experiencing high energy bills, uncomfortable room temperatures, and other problems like moisture in your home, it’s likely time to replace the insulation.

At QS𝘗𝘭𝘶𝘴, we offer independent advice and insulation checks so you can have peace of mind that your insulation is fit for purpose. To find out more, check out our healthy homes assessments here.

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