Following on from your home inspection: Heating

There are a variety of heating options you may find your home has. From wood burners to heat pumps, to gas fireplaces or heaters, the options are endless. It's also important to ensure these are serviced regularly.

Wood Burners

Wood burners are great for large homes, especially older homes that can be poorly insulated and draughty. But make sure you check the flue exterior and have the flue cleaned once a year (often required by insurance companies). Check that the door seals are working correctly too.

Gas Fires

Gas fires are fuelled either by street mains or gas bottles and have grown rapidly in popularity. They are clean and don't require a constant supply of firewood to keep them burning. Modern units are very efficient and can even give a wood-burning effect, depending on the style of the unit.

Installation must be done by a registered gas fitter or plumber and should be inspected on a regular basis by such qualified tradesmen.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are used for space heating and space cooling. Almost all heat pumps run off electricity, and are generally 3 - 4 times more effective in heating a space than simple electric heaters.

Make sure you check and clean the internal vents of the unit inside the house.

The outside unit (compressor) also needs to be checked once a year to ensure it is kept free from vegetation.

Electric-Resistance Heater

These are commonly seen as wall heaters, and radiant wall and ceiling panels. They do require maintenance. Ensure you look for a build-up of dirt or dust on the fan blades and motor hosing if applicable. Electric heaters should also be inspected regularly for signs of surface and structural damage.

For more information on heating, get in touch!

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